11 October 2007

on a brighter note: giving thanks

i want to give a big public thank you to the world's best realtor for sponsoring mwms's breast cancer walk! her donation not only helped us reach our goal, it put us over the top! i continue to be stunned by her generosity--who knew that in buying a home, you could also gain a wonderful, supportive friend? :-)

i have much to add to my blog this month about breast cancer--particularly about a new screening device that's just come on the market that's sure to help our efforts at early detection--but i really ought to go study now. i have to keep reminding myself that i won't be able to help anyone with any medical problems unless i get through medical school.

in the meantime, use the internet for good & educate yourself about breast cancer. and don't forget: guys, you're at risk, too!

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a little disclaimer...

i'm a medical student. just a student. so please, don't take anything i say too seriously. remember that i was an english literature major as an undergrad, so there is much fiction to be found in these pages. do you think i'm telling a story about you or your illness? more likely, you're tapping into my sense of "everyman"--that is, your story resonates with what i write here because it's not so uncommon after all. need help? please, please go see your physician. <--i'm not her. yet. ;-)