20 October 2008

according to the hospital computer system, i've expired....

has fantasies of pulling a 'fight club.'

16 October 2008

is ridding the world of obesity, one 500lb 20yo at a time....

hates it when she can't help, especially when someone is sick....

13 October 2008

is excited, because her mom is taking her out for Thai food tonight! :-)

11 October 2008

now knows the force behind the expression "I feel like I've been hit by a truck!" It's not pleasant. :-(

10 October 2008

: as my mom so aptly put it, "out of shock, but not out of shit."

09 October 2008

: ouch. ow. & ugh. whoever said 48-72 hrs out is the worst wasn't kidding.

07 October 2008

survived a bad car accident this morning. i'm bruised, but okay. car is totaled. i need better luck....

06 October 2008

is desperately trying not to scratch, despite the fact she's itching all over. If only she could identify a cause of this maddening allergy!

04 October 2008

enjoyed a fantastic Counting Crows concert!

03 October 2008

is off to the Counting Crows/Maroon 5 concert in Tampa! :-)

wishes, wistfully, that the real world had Mountain Day, too....

02 October 2008

: to corrupt a favorite Smithie expression, "there's gotta be a better way to get a woman in the White House."

is excited about going to dinner & watching the debate with her (LIBERAL) friend. :-)

has a quiet office & no immediate crises at work for the first time this week. please, may it last....

01 October 2008

just heard from the classroom next to my office: "oh! i was wondering where my egg yolk had gone!" ah, nutritionists & their plastic food models.... ;-)

a little disclaimer...

i'm a medical student. just a student. so please, don't take anything i say too seriously. remember that i was an english literature major as an undergrad, so there is much fiction to be found in these pages. do you think i'm telling a story about you or your illness? more likely, you're tapping into my sense of "everyman"--that is, your story resonates with what i write here because it's not so uncommon after all. need help? please, please go see your physician. <--i'm not her. yet. ;-)