19 September 2007

"going somewhere?"

Tonight I went to meet one of my former classmates (in the '10 bunch) for tutoring at a local St@rbucks. I got there early, so I decided to indulge in my favorite shaken-iced-tea-lemonade drink, since it was almost 7pm and I was in dire need of some caffeine (nope, i'm not a coffee drinker--strange, i know).

I went to the register, where some lady took my order. While she was getting it, one of those little pimply high school guys in training behind the counter commented on my t-shirt. I've been having a rough time in my anatomy class lately, so after school today, I changed into one of my most-loved-for-bad-days t-shirts from think geek. :-)

Said guy, since I had his acknowledged his presence by saying thank you, decided it was time to engage in some small talk. Looking down at the bag parked beside me, he said, "oh are you going somewhere?" I looked at him, puzzled. "Where are you going on your trip," he asked me. I must have raised my eyebrow at this point, because he pointed at my bag and remarked, "the luggage?"

Uh, yeah... That bag on wheels? That's not luggage. It's my bookbag! All 50 lbs of it!!!!

Note to self: what looks ordinary on campus appears downright nerdy off-campus.

Trip...I wish! ;-)

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