11 October 2006

Week 10

So, it's been two months since the first exam in Anatomy. I'm now in week 10 and it's the night before the last set of Anatomy lectures. We've now officially covered all 1100+ pages of Gray's Anatomy, plus an entire Histology book and an entire Embryology book. All in 10 weeks. Did I mention, too, that I've also learned how to crack...erm...I mean fix...a joint or two? They weren't kidding when they warned us that medical school is like trying to drink out of a fire hose when you're not thirsty. I think my hose may have had some gravel in it, too. At any rate, 6 days & counting now till the final exam. Then I'll be free of the dead & on to the living. ;-)

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j.p. said...

hah! i finally found your blog (after having had my computer die). so i guess since your last post was on the 11th, and you said that you won't be returning to the land of the living, the soonest i can hope to hear anything about your life would still be a few days from now (isn't my math good and accurate?).

i hope you're surviving well, and make it back to the land of the living soon and safely.

a little disclaimer...

i'm a medical student. just a student. so please, don't take anything i say too seriously. remember that i was an english literature major as an undergrad, so there is much fiction to be found in these pages. do you think i'm telling a story about you or your illness? more likely, you're tapping into my sense of "everyman"--that is, your story resonates with what i write here because it's not so uncommon after all. need help? please, please go see your physician. <--i'm not her. yet. ;-)